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Upcoming updates (along with ipad/iphone/android apps with full ticket scanning capabilities and more) will allow us to tell you even more valuable information such as preferred drinks in your city, best days/nights to open, what music to play and even more to help you capitalize in your local region! Signup now before fee's go up!

What is Dynamic Watermarked V-Tickets?

We have feature-loaded iPad,iPhone,Android and Android tablet apps on the way and a patent pending on Dynamic Watermarked V-Ticket Technology for clients, guests, managers, DJ's, promoters, event organizers, barstaff and the like who will be using our technology (pre-sales at an introductory pricing of $149.95/month - venues spend anywhere from $300-600/month on event ticket printing costs -- we're the eco-friendly solution, with many added features, meanwhile cutting costs in 1/4th). Join the Nightlife Revolution.

What are Dynamic Watermarked V-Tickets?

Dynamic Watermarked V-Tickets are
“digital virtual tickets” which are used
to gain entry into venues, events, and one
day at your bus station, even at airports
used everywhere in your daily waking life.

Our technology allows mobile devices the ability to
display real-time (time-lapsed) moving random
“secret visuals” transmitted to both the ticket holder
and “guardian” or bouncer, and is instantly verifiable of
its validity by visual inspection which are unique to
both parties or groups at any given moment or session
and must match, along with the users face and status
colour. The date, time, special code and other pertinent
ticket information are other layers of added security
which is the key to its solidity making it undisputably
the most secure and simply uncompromisable system known
to man.

Our solution is cost-effective, eco-friendly, innovative
and revolutionary. Meanwhile eliminating costs associated
with printing, tracking and losing paper tickets.

Patent Pending 2012.

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The paid model is simple, this allows owners/managers/promoters/dj's/event organizers to host paid events and sell virtual tickets via our system, which clients can then print their tickets or present their paid admission with their cell phone that is then scanned and validated at your point of entry. We charge a flat 9% processing fee per ticket sold thru our system, which is lower than industry standard. Click here to learn more.

Check the FAQ and How It Works to learn more.


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