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Effective February 16, 2012

TITLE: v2.o is released!

Night life and Entertainment Website Review for night clubs, bars and restaurants

In the night life industry of todays market place, night clubs, bars, and even restaurants are feeling the pinch of these hard economic times as the cost of living is skyrocketing. Up until now there has been a lack of business, less people are visiting their local venues and spending less money, and owners are at loss of new marketing strategies to grasp what is left of customer loyalties as competition is tougher today than it was ever before, meanwhile they're overburdened with danting daily tasks when managing their staff and operations with very little insight to gage their performance to improve their business.

"When it rains it pours", but it look's like the future is looking bright.

It seem's where2gotonite.com (http://www.where2gotonite.com) has launched the ultimate solution to these problems with their proprietary, innovative marketing and streamlined management software platform service by allowing patrons to "join guestlists" or "make Booth/Table reservations", also known as "RSVPing" through their website then are encouraged to spread their "personal party guest link" virally so that their friends can join the guestlist under their name, who can then invite their friends, and their friend can invite their friends, automatically. Staff policing entrance can access this data to track and monitor customers going in or out in real-time via a tablet such as an iPad or a netbook. This solves mundane tasks through what they call their automated "Guest Management Checklist" (also known as the "GMC"), when many moons ago it was all done by pen and paper, empowering owners and managers to operate smoothly while "saving the planet" without the headache.

The Patrons, or "VIP Clients" are the "bread and butter" of their business model, because "without customers, you're not a business" which applies particularily true with this company and any business for that matter. In your typical night club or bar scenario, a patron would go to a venue, wait in an extremely long line, be checked for identification, check in their coat, pay admission, then pay again to order their drinks. The designated drivers go through this same process, minus the fun. where2gtonite.com eliminates this "double paying", because "it doesn't make sense to go to a restaurant then pay to get in and pay again to eat."

With the hard economic times, where2gotonite.com encourages all clients to group together and save these "fees" and catch a cab with the money they saved so they will "arrive alive". As a member of their website this is all possible because these admission fee's are waived, and one individual is randomly selected to win the "daily perk" which is an incentive (anything from a $15 voucher to a $500 voucher, or an hour of free billiards) given from the venue owners or managers to encourage all the patrons whom joined a guestlist to visit their venue, in turn causing a daily influx of fresh customers by leveraging high client turn-over and a wider reach! When venues are open only 3-day's a week, now have the opportunity to open 5 or 6 day's a week instead to pull in even more revenue!

"What's the catch?" In return for these enticing offerings from the venues, the "vip clients" are encouraged by accumulating "Party Points" (which they can later redeem prizes) to "submit feedback" that is sent back to the venues of which they "joined" the following day via SMS. The feedback consists of "the rating of their experience, venue, ambience, how likely would they recommend their venue to a friend or colleague, pricing reasonability and a short comment, question or concerns." The website then computes these numbers into statistics into attractive and impressive graphs for venue owners or managers to gage and improve their services and offerings by leveraging this data, and providing invaluable feedback which then venue management can use to better their business from ratings, and the clients overall experience at their venues while tracking customer loyalty.

Quote from where2gotonite.com:

"Our 3-step cycle to Consistent Success is AIM:
Automate - Use GMC to Manage, Automate & Market your guestlist(s).
Improve - Improve your business in all aspects from client feedback & statistics.
Monetize - Generate more money with happier customers."

It appears they are currently building their database by enrolling new venues with a limited time introductory 14-day trial offer on new venue activations, so if you're a venue owner, you may want to sign up before this offer expires because pricing will definately go up. As for VIP Clients, they are always free to use the site and receive "Free Admission, VIP Bypass and Perk Incentives." Whether you're looking to go clubbing at a dance club or lounge in la, whats happening on saturday night life in NYC, or maybe just a sports bar in your local area, or perhaps you want the best bar to celebrate. They'll have it.

Your potential clients want to know "where to go tonight" and "things to do", and it should be at your hot spot venue. All the big names will be on this site, all the way from Los Angeles to New York, Toronto to Vancouver, Montreal to Atlanta to San Fransisco, from Canada to Australia, and from USA to Australia, all the way to the UK.

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Spice up your night life.

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