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where2gotonite Team was founded in 2011 by Danny Loc (CEO of PROViDER ENTERTAINMENT GROUP). He saw a need during his stay in Toronto, Ontario to find venues easily and accessibly to be able to enjoy Toronto's nightlife better. While searching on the internet he was unable to find any service or website that provided an effective remedy to his problem. Thus creating provides users on either side of the coin, whether it's regular customers or promoters, owners and even owners and managers.

Our business is to treat all customers as VIP Clients, eliminating the barrier between VIP and regular customers. We do this in the following fashion, we introduce technology into the nightlife niche, eliminating the use of paper wasting hard-earned money on unnecessary items.

We provide an avenue for owners and club managers to market and promote their facilities, we have created a simpler way of promoting events as well as making it easier for our "vip clients" to be able to find those facilities.

Since its conception in early March of 2011, during its development he has been able to recruit a power house team on an ongoing basis which he now calls his board of directors. They are as follows.


Board of Directors

Danny Loc - Founder, CEO & Chairman
Thomas Habtom - President
Somecheay Song - Chief Financial Officer
Tim Tapp - General Sales Manager for Canada
Ray Hoang - Regional Sales for GTA (Greater Toronto Area)


You may use our feedback form to contact us if you don't have an e-mail client handy.


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